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gilbert productions

Gilbert Productions is an independent film company composed of myself (filmmaking fanatic), Robin Deirbert-Patterson (musical maestro), and a handful of recurring collaborators who produce creative works on a microscopic budget.

Not tied down a single genre, Gilbert Productions aims to explore the boundless possibilities of independent filmmaking, releasing a variety of projects like expository documentaries, experimental animations, and narrative shorts.

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An experimental film which blends 20th century archival footage with newly captured media to produce an ever-changing digital collage. Using filmmaking techniques like rotoscoping, stop-motion, and hand drawn animation, the old and new subjects are manipulated to interact within the same chimeric space.

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thought cabinet

A film about a man forced to confront his most disturbing fantasies. Literally trapped in his own mind, the man’s only salvation lies in the Thought Cabinet - a mysterious, object-spawning wardrobe which allows him to experience a brief flurry of pleasant stimuli before waking once again to his isolated prison. 

baldur's flats

A short, expository documentary about a Norse runestone which mysteriously appeared in an Ontario public park in the summer of 2019. Sparked by an investigative CBC article, the film conducts interviews with a groundskeeper, local artist, and professor of Scandinavian studies to decipher the message behind the enigmatic rock.

state of nature

A short experimental film which captures the sensations of a panic attack. Rapidly alternating between claustrophobic nature shots and footage of a bustling highway, the opposing worlds of nature and industry are juxtaposed to induce a sense of mounting anxiety.


An eerie short film about a teenager who gets his wisdom teeth removed. Arriving at the dentist’s office, the boy receives a strange injection which transfers his consciousness to an alternate, worm-infused plane of existence. Upon waking from this out of body experience, he is forced to reconcile with the violent actions commited by his uninhabited body.

meat grinder

“Meat Grinder” is a short claymation about an unfortunate factory worker who gets his tie stuck in a food processing machine. Set to an inordinately cheery score, this dark comedy features delights such as (but not limited to) a meat factory mix-up, a severed cows head, and enough plasticine guts to spoil your appetite!

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