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Although I’ve dreamed of making video games from a young age, I was always daunted by the expansive technological knowledge required to create interactive experiences. However, during the winter break of my first year in university, I decided to give it a go. Surely enough, after a week of Youtube tutorial videos and coding mistakes, I had made my first game! During this experience, I became enamoured by the non-linear possibilities of the medium and its ability to create a narrative dialogue with the player.


I’m not exactly sure where my game-making journey will lead to, but I do plan to release more projects in the future. Whenever I complete a new game, I will include a free download code on this page.

pigeon decision poster.png

pigeon decision

A visual novel about a bird on the brink of starvation. Playing as the titular pigeon, the player must survive the mean streets of Toronto in order to find sustenance. Can you navigate our feathered friend through a maze of sentient organs, garbage dimensions, and fifty-foot Justin Bieber advertisements towards food? Or will you perish in one of the game's five different endings?

(Does not work on mobile devices)

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My video game journey

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